Monday, June 23, 2014

Do you love him?

Do you love him?, she asked me.

I don't know what love is. What does it mean?

Love means love. How do we describe it? If love could be defined, then there would be ways in which one can love and way in which one can't love. But there is no way in which you can't love. You can love in any way you want. What matters is not how you express your love but whether you love or not.When I try to describe love, I can talk about expressions of love but how can I talk about love itself. Ok hold. Love is when you cease to exist and the only one that exists is your beloved. Now, don't take it too literally. This is probably the closest I can go.

Oh.. But I always exist. So, I don't probably love him.

Hmmm.. But don't worry. Do you want to love him?

Yes. For sure. I mean he loves me so much, so much so that he never even bother whether I love him or not. He is happy in my wishes. He actually loves as you defined it. He loves me as if I exist and he doesn't. He keeps loving me, doesn't matter whether I love him back or not. It's as if he doesn't exist. So, I want to love such a loving person.But how do I do that?

Just be happy in his wishes. But remember, that is not a precondition to his love. He just loves you for what you are and not what you do. Your actions can't determine his love. His love is pure and thus, unconditional. Now, if you chose to love him, love him for what he is and not what he does. Not that what he does is anything against you but you may not be able to comprehend all of his actions.

So, go ahead and love him. His love longs for your love.

A long sigh... did you lose me?

Hey, I am innocence. Did you lose me?

You chose shrewdness over me. A very shrewd decision. Isn't it?

You don't want to be cheated. Isn't it? It's ok to lose the natural human connections.

You don't want to be left behind. Isn't it? It's ok if you chose the wrong ladder.

You don't want to be wrong. Isn't it? It's ok if there is no joy in being right.

You want to read everything, lest you may remain ignorant on an aspect. Isn't it? It's ok if you miss the connection with what is being said.

You want to go to places to tell the world that you have seen it all. Isn't it? It's ok if your heart didn't swell with joy.

You want to make the most intelligent comment. Isn't it? It's ok if the soul in you sinks on hurting another.

You want to make the riches. Isn't it? It's ok if your soul starves.

You want to make a name in the world. Isn't it? It's ok if you forget who you were.

You want to be famous and known. Isn't it? It's ok if you remain unknown to yourself.

Lastly, you go out and search for joy and peace outside because that is where your chosen companion works. Isn't it? It's ok if you miss the ocean of peace and joy within.

Look at me. Ain't I cute? I am, for sure, vulnerable, tender, sensitive and unprotected. But ain't I beautiful? Won't the world be beautiful if you could look through my eyes?

Then, what are you waiting for? Embrace me for I am your real self. I am vulnerable and unprotected but for a reason: I don't need to be protected. I am all there is.